The activities of the foundation Kattfonden (the Catfund)


Kattfonden was founded in the year of 2000. Solgläntans Kattpensionat is the founder.

Re-arranging of stray cats has carried on at Solgläntan since the year of 1995. The first cats came by the Animal Ambulance. Before 1995 Solgläntan re-arranged boarding-cats whose owners had gone sick and could not any longer take care of their cats. The alternative was to let those cats die.

It is difficult to re-arrange adult cats when you have no connections. The work to find new homes started with the increasing amount of cats who needed new, good homes. In the beginning it was very difficult, but as time has gone by it has been a little bit easier, and after all the time the cats´ staying at the shelter has diminished a great deal.

The re-arranging has been very expensive and hard work, but the alternative to let healthy cats die is not acceptable. The idea of a foundation on behalf of stray cats was born out of these experiences. More than a thousand cats have got new homes since the beginning. Most of them were adult cats. The foundation Kattfonden shall forward the economic circumstances for these cats.

The vision of Kattfonden

The foundation Kattfonden supports the stray cats at Solgläntan and also works for that all cats in the future shall have worthy lives. Increasing the cat’s status in society is an important issue for Kattfonden. We will for example start and take part in campaign of castrating and other activities which are good for cats.

All cats shall be ID-marked, and kittens shall be sold to a fair price and not being given away or being sold to a symbolic sum of 1 shilling for every paw.

We will work for that all cats shall be vaccinated, ID-marked and de-wormed before being sold. And they shall be castrated if they are older than 6 months.

We want to solve the cat-problem in Sweden. That is our vision. And all cats have a right to a good, stable home.